Cranshaw Construction | LEED PROJECTS
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Over the years Cranshaw Construction has had the opportunity to manage many different projects with varying LEED accreditation levels.  We have been involved on projects that were targeting for the most basic certification levels all the way up to LEED Platinum.


Working closely with each of the subcontractors, we begin the process with a LEED project kick off meeting addressing all of the necessary requirements that will need to be followed during the project.  These requirements include construction activity pollution prevention, commissioning, air quality management and practices during construction, waste management, product approvals, and material reporting. To simplify the material reporting process, we have created an extensive library of template sheets.  These sheets can be adapted on a project by project basis and distributed to each subcontractor for inclusion with their product submittals.  This streamlines the materials and resources credit reporting which allows for quick verification of product conformance.  Collaborating with waste hauling companies, we are able to routinely average well over the higher tier of 75% recycled or salvaged construction waste from our projects.


We have successfully executed all facets of the LEED process including the execution of LEED construction, the reporting of LEED data, and the submission of the construction components to LEED online.  Cranshaw’s team is experienced on all phases of LEED requirements and LEED construction.

  • Ink Block Apartments (315 units), Boston MA

    LEED Gold (anticipated)

  • Sepia Condos at Ink Block (79 units), Boston MA

    LEED Silver (anticipated)

  • The EDGE Apartments (79 units), Allston MA

    LEED Platinum

  • The Element Apartments (100 units), Allston MA

    LEED Gold

  • The Eco Apartments (104 units), Allston, MA

    LEED Platinum (anticipated)

  • Station Landing Apartments (168 units), Medford, MA

    LEED Gold

  • Linden Street Housing, Wellesley, MA

    LEED Gold

  • TD Bank Branch, Hingham, MA

    LEED Gold

  • TD Bank Branch, Brighton, MA

    LEED Gold

  • TD Bank Branch, Framingham, MA

    LEED Gold

  • TD Bank Branch, Weymouth, MA

    LEED Gold

  • Staples Retail Store, Roslindale, MA

    LEED Gold