Boston Architects: 10 Best Multifamily Contractors in Boston
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Interior rendering of a Kitchen with light floors, white walls, stainless appliances, grey cabinets.

Boston Architects: 10 Best Multifamily Contractors in Boston

Boston Architects, August 2021

Boston Architects recently released their 10 Best Multifamily Contractors in Boston list highlighting Cranshaw Construction as one of the best firms.


The City of Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and one of its most populous and modern areas. It has served as the economic and cultural center for the metropolitan area of Greater Boston. Greater Boston is home to numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, rendering the region a world leader in education and research. Boston is also a publishing center with big names such as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Pearson PLC having offices and publishing units in the city.


Boston’s economic base also includes finance and banking services, healthcare services, tourism, and government activities. As both a historically significant site and a thriving urban center, Boston is home to a large population and welcomes a considerable number of tourists every year. Multifamily residences are preferred over single-family homes due to the city’s density. Whether you are a developer looking to invest in multifamily residences or one looking for the best condos in the city, this list of the best multifamily contractors in Boston, Massachusetts will help you find contractors and projects that match your needs. While not all these firms are based in Boston, they serve and engage in construction projects within the Greater Boston metropolitan area.



Cranshaw Construction is a general contracting and construction management company involved in multi-family residential, assisted living, commercial, and industrial facility construction projects. In its almost four decades in the industry, Cranshaw has completed over 35 million square feet of space in suburban and downtown Boston. The firm’s experience in both residential and industrial spaces has impacted the Boston cityscape and contributes to its beauty. Cranshaw’s approach to each project is grounded on the basic philosophy of thinking like an owner. From this perspective, Cranshaw identifies project specifications, costs, and issues at the outset and devises the most practical and cost-effective solutions.



Knowing that each design and construction project presents unique challenges, Cranshaw uses its team’s collective expertise and experience to identify the best possible way to ensure effective project delivery. Each design conforms with industry standards, matches client expectations, and promotes a healthy environment for users and tenants. A recent multifamily residential project—the Arthaus—is the perfect exemplar of Cranshaw’s creativity and expertise. Located near three major universities and numerous commercial complexes and buildings, the Arthaus is the ideal residence for young professionals in the bustling Allston neighborhood. The project consists of a five-story building and a three-story building for a total of 83 studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. Included in the design are a rooftop terrace, a fitness center, an art gallery, and both vehicle and bicycle parking. The location and design of the residence and the included amenities match the neighborhood demographic of young professionals and small families. Cranshaw’s ability to understand client needs creates marketable and sustainable structures that fit the Boston lifestyle.


The Best Multifamily Contractors in Boston, Massachusetts