Topping Off Ceremony Celebrates Milestone Achievement for 3368 Washington Street Project
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Exterior photo from John Rich Photography of workers from Carpenters Local 327 readying a roof truss for lifting as part of a Topping Off ceremony.

Topping Off Ceremony Celebrates Milestone Achievement for 3368 Washington Street Project

Cranshaw Construction, in collaboration with The Community Builders (TCB), Pine Street Inn (PSI) and RODE Architects, celebrated a topping off ceremony for the 3368 Washington Street project on Tuesday, June 27, 2023 at 11am. The event marked a significant milestone in the construction of Boston’s largest permanent supportive housing development, set to provide crucial support services to individuals transitioning out of homelessness.

The ceremony brought together esteemed guests, including State Representative Samantha Montaño and executives from partner organizations, who came to honor the dedicated construction team and the local carpenter workers involved in this transformative project. As a symbol of unity and progress, the attendees witnessed the signing and elevation of a 24-foot long prefabricated roof truss, adorned with an evergreen tree to the top of the five-story building using a crane.

The urban infill development, designed by RODE Architects, will feature 202 new apartments. Of these, 140 apartments will offer vital support services for individuals making the transition out of homelessness, while 62 apartments will be income-restricted for families. The design also includes offices and over 13,000 square feet of community space. The new development replaces a PSI warehouse/office building, and its completion will contribute significantly to meeting the housing needs of the community.

During the ceremony, Andy Waxman, Vice President of Real Estate Development, New England at TCB, emphasized the importance of supportive housing for the community and recognized the collaborative effort that led to near unanimous support for the project. The dialogue, listening and responsiveness to stakeholder concerns played a vital role in shaping the project, ensuring it met the needs of the community and garnered widespread support.

Lyndia Downie, President & Executive Director of Pine Street Inn, expressed her gratitude for the community’s support and the significant impact the project will have on the lives of the residents. She highlighted the importance of providing quality homes and supportive services, emphasizing that this project represents more than just bricks and mortar—it offers individuals the opportunity to reclaim their lives and regain their independence.

State Representative Samantha Montaño shared her personal connection to the cause, citing a family member’s struggle with substance abuse disorder and the transformative power of supportive housing. She expressed her commitment to working alongside the community and welcomed the future new constituents to Jamaica Plain, highlighting the opportunity for change and new beginnings that the project represents.

Chris Iannelli, Principal of Cranshaw Construction, extended his gratitude to all those involved in the project, from the initial concept to the final construction. He emphasized the collaborative efforts of the project team, including subcontractors and vendors, who worked tirelessly to overcome obstacles and ensure the project’s success. He expressed Cranshaw’s pride in being part of such a transformative endeavor that will positively impact lives and the community for years to come.

The urban location called for a unique touch—a crane! It’s not every day you see a crane involved in a wood-frame building project. Cranshaw was privileged to have Carpenters Local 723 and the skilled crane operator, Julian Crane, participate in the roof truss raising. Special thanks to BMS Paper for sponsoring lunch and photo credits to John Rich Photography.

As the construction progresses toward its completion in early next year, the team remains dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive community, providing quality housing and services to those in need. Cranshaw extends appreciation to all the stakeholders, community members and organizations who have contributed to this exceptional project. Together, we are building a brighter future.


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