7INK Achieves LEED Gold
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7INK photo by Raj Das. Congrast to 7INK on achieving USGBC LEED Gold

7INK Achieves LEED Gold

7INK has achieved USGBC LEED Gold certification in the v4 BD+C category for new construction. Congratulations to National Development, Elkus|Manfredi Architects, and the entire design team on this achievement.

Completed in spring 2022, 7INK is a 15-story, 180-unit community with 353 bedrooms. It is the final addition to Ink Block, an award-winning mixed-use community situated on the former location of the Boston Herald newspaper in Boston’s South End. With an Inclusive Living™ concept, 7INK offers residents a choice of traditional studios, one- or two-bedroom units for conventional renting, or individual bedrooms in 3- or 4-bedroom suites where common areas are shared.

Environmental sustainability is a fundamental aspect of 7INK’s Inclusive Living™ concept. By promoting resource sharing and reducing consumption, residents minimize their carbon footprint and positively impact climate change. The building incorporates various green features, including water conservation systems, low volatile organic compound (VOC) materials in paints and carpet and sustainable building systems as well as materials in both construction and design.

During construction, the team successfully recycled 95% of the construction waste, diverting 2,600 tons of concrete and brick from landfills. Through alternative energy options, high-energy systems and renewable features, 7INK reduces indoor and landscape water usage and overall energy consumption.

7INK is the final building in the Ink Block development built by Cranshaw. It follows the sustainability footsteps of the Ink Block Apartments, Sepia and Siena buildings, all of which attained LEED Gold certification. Reflecting the development’s commitment to sustainability, 7INK and the Ink Block community are conveniently located within walking distance of multiple public transit and bikeshare stations, providing residents with various transportation options.7INK features a bike storage room with a capacity for 180 bikes, complete with a bike build and repair station. Notably, 7INK is among the first buildings in the city to be constructed without parking facilities.

Green buildings offer an improved quality of life while simultaneously reducing global carbon emissions, lowering utility bills and creating new green jobs. LEED projects earn points established by the United States Green Building Council by adhering to prerequisites and credits across nine measurement categories for building excellence, ranging from integrative design to human health to material use. The LEED rating systems are applicable to all types of buildings at all stages of development.